By John E. Douglas, Mark Olshaker

ISBN-10: 0684857790

ISBN-13: 9780684857794

From mythical FBI profiler John Douglas and Mark Olshaker — authors of the nonfiction foreign bestsellers Mindhunter, trip into Darkness, and Obsession — comes an exceptional, insightful examine the basis of all crime.
each crime is a secret tale with a reason at its center. With the intense perception he delivered to his popular paintings contained in the FBI's elite serial-crime unit, John Douglas items jointly reasons in the back of violent sociopathic habit. He not just takes us into the darkest recesses of the minds of arsonists, hijackers, bombers, poisoners, assassins, serial killers, and mass murderers, but additionally the likely traditional those that without warning kill their households or move on a rampage within the office.
Douglas identifies the delinquent character, exhibiting extraordinary similarities and modifications between quite a few sorts of lethal offenders. He additionally tracks the innovative escalation of these criminals' sociopathic habit. His research of such varied killers as Lee Harvey Oswald, Theodore Kaczynski, and Timothy McVeigh is gripping, yet extra importantly, is helping us the way to expect capability violent habit prior to it's too past due.

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