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DK's: Animals highlights the lives of approximately 2 hundred animals—what they consume, what eats them, the place they dwell, and the way immense they're. From tiny bees to the effective elephant, the animal nation is well known with enjoyable evidence and photographs of the tallest, quickest, heaviest, and biggest household and wild animals at the planet.

Catalog entries choked with proof supply at-a-glance info, whereas locator icons supply instantly recognizable references to help navigation and knowing, and truth documents around off the publication with enjoyable evidence corresponding to list breakers and timelines. every one mini-encyclopedia is full of evidence on topics starting from animals to background, autos to canine, and from Earth to house and combines a child-friendly format with attractive images and bite-size chunks of textual content that may motivate and tell even the main reluctant readers.

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Fennec fox Vulpes zerda ▲ A tiger stalks its prey. It gets as close as possible to its prey and then gives it a short chase to get close enough to pounce. ▲ Wild dogs hunt in packs, which allows them to catch prey larger than themselves. They run down prey in a long-distance endurance chase. The fennec fox is the smallest fox. It has very large, distinctive ears that help it to hear well and also shed excess body heat. Its feet have furry soles well adapted to walking on soft, hot sand. size 13–16 in (33–41 cm) long diet fruits, seeds, eggs, termites, and lizards habitat Deserts distribution northern Africa CARNIVORES | 31 Polar bear Ursus maritimus One of the largest land predators, a polar bear has a keen sense of smell and can detect seals from about half a mile (1 km) away, even when the seals are hidden in their birth lairs underneath 31⁄4 ft (1 m) of hardened snow.

Size 32–37 in (81–94 cm) long diet Large water snails habitat Mainly wetlands distribution Africa and Madagascar 59 60 | BIRDS Pelicans and gannets Most members of this varied group of waterbirds are ocean-going hunters of fish. They are strong swimmers and the only group of birds with webbing between all four toes. Most pelicans fish from the surface, while gannets dive from great heights to catch shoaling fish. Blue-footed booby Sula nebouxii These birds, like other members of the gannet family, form strong, life-long bonds.

King penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus Penguins are specialized seabirds that “fly” under water by flapping their flipperlike wings. King penguins can dive to depths of up to 1,000 ft (300 m). Penguins can adjust their vision under water, which lets them catch their prey easily. Red-throated diver Gavia stellata Red patch attracts mates This diver is the smallest and lightest diver of all. When it is breeding in summer, it develops a striking throat patch that has inspired its name. The bird forms a life-long bond with its mate.

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