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4163 (1973). A. Pidcock, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 54, Ratcliff, J. , 43. D. Joyner Department of Chemistry Ball State University Muncie, Indiana ^7306 GENERAL Reviews and books covering various aspects of the chemistry of the group IVA elements are as follows: organometallic chemistry of tin (1-5); organometallic coordination compounds (6); organotin compounds with tintin bonding (7) and with tin bonded to another metal (8); organotins in polymer chemistry (9); kinetics and mechanisms (10); sulfinato complexes (11); synthesis by radiation (12); organometallic compounds of Ge,Sn,Pb (13); direct synthesis with copper-germanium alloys (1^,15); reactions of hydrazones, oximes, nitrones, and Schiff bases with lead tetraacetate (l6); stability of some organometallic complexes (17); biological aspects of lead (l8); lead poisoning (19); toxicity of organotin compounds (20); and "Gmelin's Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry" (21).

Gielen, IND. CHIM. BELGE. ). CHEM. , 78,124653V. M. Gielen, ACCOUNTS CHEM. ·, 6_,198 (1973). I. Ornai, REV. L,59 (1972). A. Sawyer, ORGANOTIN COMPOUNDS, 3_ig23 (1972). M. Newlands, ORGANOTIN COMPOUNDS, 3_,88l, (1972). D. Oldfield, PROC. ROY. AUST. CHEM. INST. , 4(3,23 (1973). CHEM. , 78, 125230s. J. Burgess, INORG. REACT. , 2,103 (1972). E. Lindner and U. Kunze, REV. SILICON, GERMANIUM, TIN, LEAD COMPOUNDS, 1^,35, (I972). I. Vereshchinskii, ZH VSES. KHIM. , 18,278, (1973). CHEM. , 79,85554η. J.

Lappert, J. McMeeking and D. Palmer, J. CHEM. -DALTON, 1973, 151. D. Haenssgen and R. Appel, CHEM. , 105,3271 (1972). CHEM. , 78,l6283r. H. Koesky and H. Wiezer, CHEM. , 1θ6,28θ (1973). CHEM. , 78,8M+99r. W. Wolfsberger and H. Pickel, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 54,C8 (1973). J. Barrau M. Massol, D. Mesnard, and J. Satge, RECL. TRAV. CHIM. PAYS-BAR, 92,321 (1973). CHEM. , 79,l88lOe. LeQuan Minh and G. Guillerm, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 54,153 (1973). S. Mehrotra, G. Srivastava, and R. Mehrotra, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 54,139, (1973).

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