By Matthew (of Vendôme), Roger P. Parr

ISBN-10: 0874622220

ISBN-13: 9780874622225

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Dialectica was the philosopher's tool and disputatio trained the university student in the art of reasoning. Political oratory, homeletic, literature, philosophy, diplomacy, civil law, ecclesiastical law were all served by systematized language techniques. By the eleventh century the flowering of the language arts is reflected in the diversity of manual titles: Ars Praedicandi (thematic sermon), Ars Dictaminis (letter writing), Ars Rithmica (rhythmic composition), Ars Notaria (legal documentation), Ars Disputatio (argumentation), Rhetorica Ecclesiastica 2 This new philosophic investigation of the unified significance of all sign systems forms the comparatively new study semiology.

71. 13 Math. XXII. 14. 14 Hor. Ep. I. 2. 27. Page 19 I. Concerning Ideas 1. Since the present concern looks to introducing verses, a verse ought to be described in some way. A verse is metrical language moving along succinctly and clause by clause in a graceful marriage of words and depicting thoughts with the flowers of rhetoric, containing in itself nothing played down, nothing idle. A collection of utterances, measured feet, the knowledge of quantities do not constitute a verse, but the elegant joining of utterances does, the expression of distinctive features and respect for the designation of each and every thing.

Ps. xxxviii. 2. 8 See I. 22 and II. 42 for explanation of line. Page 18 Since he cannot bite, he should be more sparing in his barbs. 4. Moreover, let not the novelty of the little work be ascribed to over-boldness, for neither the desire for favor nor the ostentation of vainglory effects it, but instruction for the less advanced does, so that the credit the execution of the work cannot wrench forth, the affection of the worker may. 5. Therefore, since I am bound by contract, and postponement always hurts those who are ready,9 I purpose not to seem to be replying to the ever-expectant bumpkin.

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Ars versificatoria, Issues 22-23 by Matthew (of Vendôme), Roger P. Parr

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Ars versificatoria, Issues 22-23 - download pdf or read online
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