By Peter B. Stockwell

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3] have studied the teaching aspects for some years and have developed a modular experimental approach. Teaching manuals and equipment for this are available for purchase. Sc. and diploma courses devoted to instrumental analysis. With increasing experience and availability of equipment, such courses should become more effective in presenting the principles of the subject. However, the important philosophical aspects would be better presented by experienced workers in the field who can pass on not only the practice but the thinking that generates progress in automatic analysis.

The detectors are not adjustable and always define the maximum reading sector. This low-resolution encoder provides the interrupts necessary to define the START and END of the reading sector. The computer software routines recognize these interrupts and relates the data to the appropriate cuvettes, thus avoiding any mismatching of the data recorded. The flexibility required to handle procedures where a lag phase is needed, or where reagents must be added, is incorporated into the software routines.

Sample identification is provided so that the data can be re-analysed. Fully automatic systems require careful monitoring of the supply of reagents and the disposal of waste chemicals. To achieve this, fluid levels are monitored, and if they are low, an alarm signal is issued to the operator.

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Automatic Chemical Analysis: Second Edition by Peter B. Stockwell

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