By Stanley M. Walas

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Chemical strategy gear is a advisor to the choice and layout of a variety of chemical strategy gear. Emphasis is put on particular info about the strategy layout and function of kit. To this finish, recognition is given to examples of winning functions, and a beneficiant variety of line sketches exhibiting the functioning of apparatus is integrated with many graphs and tables giving their genuine functionality. For coherence, short studies of perininent conception, together with numerical examples to demonstrate the extra concerned approaches, are supplied in key chapters.

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10. 10. 2) D2 Are the limits of operating parameters, outside which remedial action must be taken, known and measured? (C1 above) D3 To what extent should plant be shut down for any deviation beyond the operatirig limits? Does this require the installation of alarm and/or trip? Should the plant be partitioned differently? How is plant restarted? 6) D4 In an emergency, can the plant pressure and/or the inventory of process materials be reduced effectively, correctly, safely? 6) D5 Can the plant be shut down safely?

A good draftsman will arrange his flowsheet as artistically as possible, consistent with clarity, logic, and economy of space on the drawing. A fundamental rule is that there be no large gaps. Flow is predominantly from left to right. On a process flowsheet, distillation towers, furnaces, reactors, and large vertical vessels often are arranged at one level, condenser and accumulator drums on another level, reboilers on still another level, and pumps more or less on one level but sometimes near the equipment they serve in order to minimize excessive crossing of lines.

7. List known reaction rate data on the normal and possible abnormal reactions 8. How much heat must be removed for normal, or abnormally possible, exothermic reactions? (see Chaps. 7, 17, and 18) 9. How thoroughly is the chemistry of the process including desired and undesired reactions known? (See NFPA 491 M, Manual of Hazardous Chemical Reactions) I O . What provision is made for rapid disposal of reactants if required by emergency? 11. What provisions are made for handling impending runaways and for short-stopping an existing runaway?

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