By Meyda Yegenoglu

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Meyda Yegenoglu investigates the intersection among postcolonial and feminist feedback, through the Western fascination with the veiled girls of the Orient. Linking representations of cultural and sexual distinction, she indicates the Oriental lady to have functioned because the veiled inside of Western identification. Her unique and compelling argument calls into query dualistic conceptions of id and distinction, West and East, masculinist assumptions of Orientalism, and Western feminist discourses that search to "liberate" the veiled girl.

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In chapter 2, where I demonstrate the intermingling of representations of cultural and sexual difference by reading the unconscious structure of Orientalism, psychoanalytic theory proves to be useful. However, this should not imply that I regard psychoanalysis as the theory which can offer the most accurate account of Orientalism. Nor does it imply that I believe psychoanalysis can be unproblematically applied to the analysis of Orientalism. I use psychoanalysis not because I believe it offers the truth, and that truth can once more be demonstrated by applying it to the discourse of Orientalism.

By suggesting that colonial projects and relationships are inevitably fractured, he wants to point to the dispersed and conflicted character of colonial discourse and thereby challenge the common fundamental division set between the colonizer and colonized, to undo the notion of colonialism as a coherent object. In an effort to bring attention to the complex, variable, and ambivalent nature of colonial ideologies, he aims to reveal the enormous variation in different colonial contexts and different historical moments.

66 By designating the role of capitalism as the determining motor of colonialism, Young conceives the procedures of global capitalism as a form of cartography/inscription or as a territorial writing machine in which the physical appropriation of land and the seizure of cultural space are fundamental. But Young warns us that such processes of appropriation and seizure should not be understood as a simple destruction of native cultures or a simplistic grafting of one culture onto the other. In an effort to point to the complexities involved in such processes he proposes to see the decoding and recoding processes (processes through which colonial practices are inscribed on the territories and peoples subjected to colonial power) as a layering of cultures on top of each other.

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