By Charles W. Runyon

Terrified, she rolled over at the sand and sat up, now not even attempting to disguise her body.

''Tell you what,'' the unusual guy stated. ''We’ll play a bit video game. you are trying to recollect me and I’ll inform you while you’re getting warm.''

She watched him slowly unwrap an oilcloth package deal. ''You concealed in that shack,'' she stated, ''so you may seize me on my own . . .''

''And violate your reasonable white physique? No, Edith. I've been there and again. I can’t make that scene again.''

''Damn you!'' she cried. ''You come on like an outdated lover, yet I can’t remember!''

''You aren’t trying,'' he acknowledged softly. ''Think of me with out the beard, with out the scars, a married guy with a spouse and child. You destroyed it, Edith. You wiped me fresh. Remember?''

He opened the package deal then and Edith observed the gleam of the gun.

''See, Edith? I introduced it thousand miles. no one is familiar with I’m the following, so they’ll simply need to suppose that the sharks obtained you . . .''

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