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This e-book is a stylistic research of D. H. Lawrence's presentation of narrative perspective. the focal point is especially on Lawrence's 3rd novel, Sons and fans, occupying an important place in his oeuvre and judged by means of critics to be his first mature piece.

While sharing many good points normal of nineteenth-century novels, it marks the emergence of a brand new means of writing awareness that functioned as a precursor to the modernist perform of dialogic shifts throughout viewpoints. via a close linguistic research, Sotirova indicates that diverse characters' viewpoints are usually not easily juxtaposed within the narrative, yet associated in a manner that creates dialogic resonances among them. The dialogic linking is completed by utilizing units that experience parallel services in conversational discourse - referring expressions, sentence-initial correctives and repetition. The e-book makes use of stylistics to solve present controversies in narratology and Lawrence criticism.

In forthcoming the examine of narrative standpoint from the attitude of discourse, Sotirova arrives at state of the art insights into Lawrence's paintings. This ebook can be required interpreting for stylisticians, narratologists, literary linguists and literary reviews students.

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6 . T h e p r o b l e m o f o r ig in T h e sin g le vs. d ual voice in terp retation o l free indirect style is clo sely in te r c o n n e c te d with th e view sch olars take o n th e origin o f th e style. B a n field (1 9 8 2 ) reasons that if free indirect style is a p ecu liar form o f la n g u a g e in w h ich n o co m m u n ica tiv e featu res are p resen t, it m u st o r ig in a te so m ew h ere o th e r than in sp o k e n d iscou rse. S h e claim s that th e style is an exclu sively literary d cv icc an d that it ca n n o t ex ist in sp o k e n la n gu age b ecau se th e v o ic e o f th e sp eak er will clash w ith th e su b jective view p oint o f th e th ird -p erson co n scio u sn e ss exp ressed .

In th e first e x tra ct, th e tw o stran d s o f v o ca b u la ry —o n e a scr ib ed to th e ch aracter, th e o th e r to th e n ar­ rator - resu lt in a p e c u lia r fu sio n a n d c o n fu s io n o f v ie w p o in ts. In th e s e c o n d ex tra ct, th e e m p a th e tic d e ix is a n d in terro g a tiv e m o d a l­ ity s u g g e s t an im m e d ia te p r e s e n c e in th e n arrative w orld w h ich lim its th e k n o w le d g e a n d vision o f th e ob server, b u t th e le v e l o f r a tio n a l a b stra ctio n fr o m th e s itu a tio n m ig h t su g g e s t th at th is is a n o b se r v a tio n m a d e by th e n arrator.

S h e claim s that lan gu age has b e e n d efin ed tau tologically as c o m ­ m u n ica tio n b ecau se th e case w h e r e lan gu age is ob viou sly m arked by th e co m m u n icative in te n t is taken as paradigm atic o f all u ses o f la n g u a g e ’ (1982: 8 ). I f B a n field is right that la n g u a g e an d co m m u ­ n ic a tio n n e e d n ot be axiom atically eq u a ted , th e n th e b e lie f that ‘subjectivity in lan gu age is p rop erly lo ca ted w ithin a th eo ry o f the co m m u n ica tiv e act an d in te n tio n ’ (1982: 8) can also b e co n tested .

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